Vikawethu Championship

Key Processes to be followed in establishing Vika Wethu.

1. Research and Understanding:

* Conduct in-depth research on the cultural, historical, and practical aspects of South African stick fighting.

* Gain insight into existing formalized competitions, rulesets, and governing bodies related to similar martial arts or traditional sports.

2. Community Engagement:

* Engage with stakeholders, including cultural experts, practitioners, community leaders, and potential participants, to ensure respect for the cultural heritage and authenticity of the sport.

* Seek input and feedback to understand the needs, preferences, and values of the community.

3. Rule Development:

* Develop a comprehensive set of rules and regulations governing the sport, taking into account safety, fairness, and cultural authenticity.

* Balance tradition with modernization, adapting rules as needed to ensure the sport's viability and appeal to a broader audience.

4. Infrastructure and Facilities:

* Identify suitable venues and facilities for training, competitions, and events.